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What Is Michigan Employment Lawyers’ Association?

Michigan is an affiliate of the National Employment Lawyers’ Association (NELA), the largest organization of practicing attorneys who exclusively or primarily represent employees experiencing discrimination, illegal harassment, wrongful termination, denial of benefits and other employment-related matters.

Headquartered in Oakland, California, with 69 affiliates and 4,000 members across the United States, NELA work in advancing workers’ rights is at the forefront of all other efforts since 1985.

NELA’s Vision

NELA works to advocate for all workers to obtain a living wage and benefit in an environment free of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.

The safety and livelihood of the American worker should not be compromised for the sake of special interests or profit, and all workers deserve effective legal representation and rights to a jury trial.


In 2008, NELA partnered with The Employment Rights Advocacy Institute of Law & Policy to advance its mission. Through its lobbying efforts, NELA has positioned itself to provide technical assistance to Congress and to advocate for independent, fair-minded Federal judges.

Opportunities are provided to lawyers for professional development through education programs, publications, technical support, and networking.

Advancing Equality and Justice

In Federal cases involving emerging issues in employment and civil rights laws, NELA will appear as amicus curiae, meaning “friend of the court” and without being a party in the case, to promote the rights of the employee and to assist the member lawyers in their representation.

In this capacity, NELA seeks to extend current law to new situations or those challenging an existing law. Some of the important issues taken up by NELA as an interested advocate are:

  1. Fight against forced arbitration
  2. Preserve access to juries
  3. Develop laws against disability discrimination
  4. Broaden the definition of reasonable accommodation
  5. Combat wage theft

Your Representation

If you are a victim of discrimination, harassment, wage theft, or other employment-related matters and feel the need to seek legal representation, a qualification in your selection process should be the lawyer’s membership in NELA.

A lawyer certified in employment law in Michigan and an active member in NELA will give your representation the benefit and support of the knowledge and expertise of the lawyer, and the support of NELA and its resources, in the preparation of your case.

The member involvement in NELA is the foundation of its success in its fight for the American worker, and you want your lawyer to be a part of this effort. All individuals deserve effective legal representation in securing a safe and fair workplace and with access to jury trials for adequate remedies.

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