Automated Storage and Streamlining Your Warehouse

Robot Palletizing Systems

Technology keeps changing and gone are the days when warehouses wouldn’t operate without human labor. Today, you will find several automated storage systems for sale in Michigan. The options are endless starting with ASRS (Automated storage and retrieval systems), to stacker cranes. ASRS, for example, are material handling machines that are controlled via computers. They help streamline depositing and retrieving items from defined storage locations. Stacker cranes, on the other hand, enable layered-pallet inventory.

Automated storage systems can be more expensive to install, but they have several advantages. For example, the storage management software integrated into these systems ensures that no product gets lost within the warehouse or expires before retrieval. For instance, flour and most wheat products can go stale after some period. Therefore, such products get adequate attention, and they follow the “first in first out” rule in the warehouse.

The other advantages include:

Effective warehouse management: with an automated system in place, you worry less about unexpected errors associated with human staff. The system provides you with accurate product information regarding its position, storage date, and retrieval time. This gives you ample time as a manager to efficiently oversee operations.

Increased productivity: Automated storage systems make it faster for your staff to store and retrieve products. For instance, they can handle multiple numbers of cargos at ago. Time and effort involved in moving around are put to better use in activities such as marketing, customer service, and acquiring new customers.

Fast turnaround time: Your warehouse will serve customers on time with automation.

Economizes storage space: The systems have inbuilt software and corresponding hardware that store your goods using the minimal space available. Consequently, they maximize the number of goods stored without confusion. This will eventually have a positive impact on your return on investment.

Fewer losses: With an automated system, delicate products such as rolls that can be easily damaged if handled mechanically are better-taken care of, thus preventing potential losses.

Reduced running costs: Because of its efficiency, automated storage systems allow more activities to be carried out using lesser time and minimal human labor. In other words, you can spend the cash meant for salaries and expenditures on other beneficial courses and income-generating activities.

Better resource allocation: Once your warehouse is running smoothly, you can be able to allocate your best staff, tools, and equipment, to the most profitable activities and projects inside your warehouse.


Automated storage systems help streamline your warehouse. Activities get done accurately, effectively, and on time. Moreover, you save money when you reduce your warehouse staff.

Review the automated storage systems for sale in Michigan and transform your warehouse from a lousy outfit to a top performing unit.

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