Commercial Trenchless Technology in Phoenix

Trenchless Sewer Repair

Owners of commercial properties in Phoenix can today repair or replace their sewer pipelines without disrupting their neighbors or daily business. This is possible thanks to the commercial trenchless technology.
Several commercial drain problems, particularly those in the food industry, are caused by grease and food blockages. Also, the fact that mop fibers, feminine pads, drinking straws, and paper towels are flushed down the drain every day, accelerates the problem.
Previously, the only approach to deal with these problems was to contract workforce and heavy machinery to dig up the entire line. Business owners would spend lots of money just to repair or put new pipes. However, with trenchless technology, all those hassles and tussles are over.

What is trenchless technology?

Trenchless technology is a technique used to repair or replace worn out pipes without or with minimal digging. Primarily, there are two trenchless methods of repairing and replacing sewer pipes in commercial properties. They are:

Trenchless pipe lining

Pipe Lining also referred to as epoxy pipe lining or CIPP (cured in place pipe) is a technique where a felt tube is drenched in epoxy. The tube is then positioned in the old pipe. Once in place, a balloon is then inserted in the felt tube and inflated. This pushes the felt tube against the pipe. The epoxy dries in an hour’s time, after which the balloon is deflated and removed. This leaves a new pipe within the existing pipe. In this method, only one opening is required.

Trenchless pipe bursting

Pipe bursting is a pipe replacement technique that uses a tool that fractures the old pipe while simultaneously pulling the new one into place. Whatever sewer line you need to replace, two small openings set at both ends of the affected area will be required. With the two holes open, the bursting tools are then used to replace the pipe between the openings. The new pipe is made of high-density polyethylene. The oil based pipe is very durable (with a life expectancy of more than 100 years), resilient to clogging, and resistant to root intrusion.

Benefits of using commercial trenchless technology in Phoenix

Maybe you are asking yourself why commercial trenchless technology is so imperative. If your company likes saving time and budget, then trenchless sewer repair is of great significance to you. Let us take a profound look at the advantages of commercial trenchless technology in Phoenix.
Minimal digging :- unlike traditional repair, this technology do not damage the lawn or landscape. Also, you’ll not disrupt the neighbors, and better yet, your floor will not be torn out if the drain system goes through the floor.
Saves time :- since little digging is the repair can be complete in a day. This allows your company to get back to work in no time.
Reduced costs :- apart from excavation costs, industrial trenchless technology will save labor costs as few technicians will be required.

Bottom line

Trenchless technology is the better option for commercial property owners who need a less messy and convenient service. Why dig up and disrupt the landscape, inconvenience pedestrians, and motorists when you can utilize the trenchless technique that will practically be undetectable a day after the job completion.

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