Five useful resources that can help in hiring sexual assault lawyers in Kitchener.

you must be aware of before hiring a sexual abuse lawyer or Criminal lawyer Kitchener in Kitchener.

sexual assault lawyers

There are five crucial resources you must be aware of before hiring a sexual abuse lawyer or Criminal lawyer Kitchener in Kitchener.

1) The Law Society of Ontario has very useful information that can aid someone in Kitchener who is in need of a lawyer. The Law Society of Ontario verifies that the lawyers are licenced, insured, qualified and professional before recommending them to the public. In addition, the site also offers a link (“Choosing the Right Legal Professional”) that enables a potential client to learn the qualifications needed to become a lawyer, when a lawyer should be contacted and how to match the situation to a lawyer’s area of expertise (i.e. sexual assault).

2) Legal Aid Ontario is another important resource that can be utilized to find a sexual abuse lawyer in Kitchener. The site offers an interactive tool with two options, the first being a general search to find a lawyer in Kitchener and another option to narrow down your search to find a specific lawyer for your unique situation. For instance, you are required to enter your address, distance range (e.g. law firms within a 5 kilometer distance), specific area of law required (in this case, sexual abuse) and finally the option for French or English. A list of highly qualified lawyers appears with their firm’s address, phone number and distance.

3) Digital Media Law Project is a website that provides extensive information on the proper procedures in hiring a sexual abuse lawyer as well as various recommendations during the hiring process. For example, during the initial meeting with a potential lawyer it is important to gather all necessary documents needed for the consultation, prepare a list of questions that will address your needs and also evaluate the skillset of the lawyer (i.e. how many cases are similar to mine and what percentage of them were a success?). It is also important to understand the differences between fee structures. For example, does the sexual abuse lawyer use an hourly rate, a retainer fee, a fixed fee or a mixed fee structure?

4) Yellow Pages is another viable resource to use. A quick search in Yellow Pages for sexual abuse lawyers in Kitchener retrieved a wide selection of results. Each law firm listed is complemented with a phone number, a link for a map of directions and the website link to directly access the law firm online. Moreover, the address, hours or operation and distance is also provided to potential clients to ensure a filtered choice before contacting the law firm directly.

5) Lastly, the Canadian Bar Association offers a robust search system to find a sexual abuse lawyer who is highly qualified and skilled. The Canadian Bar Association diligently reviews the competence and reputation of the lawyers that are referred, which means that you can be reassured the lawyer that you contact is reliable. The search system requires your first and last name, the distance desired, area of law needed and language spoken.

The Canadian Bar Association also offers various options such as a news and media section, in which you can search for the lawyer of interest and potentially read their previous case history and trial success rate (typically for high-profile cases). Overall, by utilizing one or all of these resources you will be able to track down a sexual abuse lawyer in Kitchener that will quench your legal needs.

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