History of the Japanese Tanto Knife

Japanese Tanto Knife

The Tanto knife has its roots in Japanese history dating back to sometime between 794 and 1185 AD. Throughout time, the Tanto knife has kept its original design as a short sword that is best used for slashing and stabbing, tho-ugh the style and structure have changed.

The blade is usually between six and twelve inches long and it can be either a single-edged knife or a double-edged knife. There are a variety of types of Tanto knives on the market today, including the Reverse Tanto knife.

Early History

The Tanto knife originated during the Heian period, which was a time when the warrior class had great power. The warriors of this time were known as the samurai warriors, whose main weapon was the katana, also known as the samurai sword. They carried the Tanto knife as a last resort for defending themselves against attackers.

Women also carried Tanto knives, but a smaller version of it that was called a kaiken. It is believed that women carried these knives in order to avoid any dishonor, such as rape, by using it to kill themselves.

These early Tanto knives were practical, not made to look nice, and were usually smaller than the Tanto knives of today. Over time, there was a rise in artisans of Tanto knives who created beautiful designs, making both the hilt and the blade a work of art.

The Warring States Period

The 15th century brought social unrest and intense military conflict, leading to the Warring States Period. Tanto knives were mass produced to meet demand, limiting the design of the knife and instead just replicating old designs. During this time, the blade was narrower so that there was more material available for mass production of the blades.

Time of Peace and Decline of the Tanto Knife

By the 18th century, the military conflict had begun to dissipate. This meant that weapons were not in as high demand as they were before, so Tanto knives were not produced as much. The Tanto knives that were in production were just copies of earlier designs.

The Tanto Knife of Today

Before World War II, production of Tanto knives surged as demand went up. People wanted the extra self-protection they could have with wearing a Tanto knife. There are many knives out there still from this time. A steady production of these knives continues to this day.

Today the Tanto knife is used in martial arts, specifically tantojutsu. Different versions of the Tanto knife are used in other types of martial arts, including jujitsu, Aiki Jutsu and aikido.

There are stores all over that you can buy one of these great knives at. You can find different kinds of styles, such as the reverse Tanto knife, for sale online. Buying yourself a high-quality Tanto knife or reverse Tanto knife can be a great tool for self-protection.

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