What do you need to check before hiring a criminal lawyer in Kitchener?

criminal lawyer

There are several factors to check before hiring a criminal lawyer in Kitchener. It is essential that a criminal lawyer being hired for your case has a high degree of expertise within that particular scope of the law. Indeed, if you require legal defense for a DUI charge then it would make sense to hire a lawyer that has direct experience within that legal realm.

Another factor to consider is the criminal lawyer’s fee schedule. For instance, if you are not requiring duty counsel (government appointed lawyer) then the costs for hiring a private lawyer will come out of the client’s pocket. Before hiring a criminal lawyer, it is crucial that you are aware of their hourly fee rate and have a decent perspective on how many hours will likely be delegated to your case. For example, $400 per hour with 100 hours of preparation will cost approximately $40,000.

If you cannot afford this amount, then it would be wise to ask for family or friend support. During the initial consultation meeting with the potential criminal lawyer in Kitchener it is recommended to evaluate three main personality traits that are proven valuable for any criminal defense.

Firstly, what is the communication ability of the lawyer? Does the lawyer use eye contact, communicate in a manner that is understandable (opposed to frequently using legal jargon), and show verbal support for your unique situation? Secondly, is the criminal lawyer highly organised? Organisation can easily be spotted during the initial consultation meeting.

For example, if you infer on the next court date or other appointment dates does the lawyer have an accessible calendar or day timer to quickly refer to for specific dates? Also, when you and the lawyer set a time and day to meet next does the lawyer record that date in their calendar immediately or solely rely on memory? Thirdly, does the criminal lawyer exhibit emotional intelligence? One of the most important factors in a trial’s success is developing a close bond between the lawyer and client while also ensuring the lawyer has a clear understanding of the entirety of the legal predicament.

The three personality traits that include communication, organization, and emotional intelligence are primary things to keep an eye out for during the consultation meeting. If the criminal lawyer in Kitchener exhibits these traits, then it is wise to choose them for your legal defense. How often does the lawyer and client meet to discuss the case itself? If a lawyer does not anticipate to meet and solely relies on communication via text or email to update a client, then it is unlikely that your case is a high priority in the perspective of the criminal lawyer.

Remember, you are paying a high premium for quality legal service, which means that if you are not feeling supported by your lawyer then it would be a waste of time to continue paying for a lack of support. Lastly, before hiring a criminal lawyer in Kitchener it is important that a client is able to bond with their lawyer by ensuring there is a match between the lawyer and client’s personality. For instance, if you do not get along with your lawyer then there is a high likelihood that a bond will not develop.

Therefore, find a match with a lawyer that works for you. Overall, by following these aforementioned recommendations it will ensure you find a competent criminal lawyer in Kitchener who will support you throughout the case.

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