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4 Features Of A Tactical EDC Knife

4 Features of a Tactical EDC Knife

There are a lot of knives on the market today claiming to be tactical, but it takes more than a blackened blade and some flames on the grip to make it so. If you’re looking for truly tactical everyday carry knives, there are a few features you should keep an eye out for.

Since this list is for EDCs, we decided to limit the features to those found on folding knives, as fixed blades have a few different specifications.

1.Blade Shape

The blade should have a relatively strong, sharp tip and a belly for cutting. While clip points have a sharp tip, they’re thin and more prone to breaking. Your best bet is to look for a tanto, reverse tanto, drop point, or spear tip.

These knives all have pretty strong tips, with the tantos being the strongest. Drop points don’t have as strong a tip, but they have more of a belly, making them better suited to slicing, or skinning game. Spear points are preferred for a survival fixed blade and work equally well for folders as they have a sharp point, a belly, and a fairly strong tip.

2.Blade Locks

The knife should have a blade lock to prevent the blade from closing on your fingers. You’ll most likely be performing tasks that require a tight grip on the blade and switching angles on the knife.

Having a blade close on your fingers can cause severe damage, and if you are in a survival situation, you can’t afford an injury that may become infected. There are several types of locks, and the quality of the lock is decided by the quality of the knife itself.


The knife handle should be synthetic, as natural ones can be difficult to keep clean. We’re not germaphobes, but there’s just a good chance you’ll be using the knife for food prep as well. Food poisoning is difficult to deal with in a comfortable environment, much less in the field.

The handle should also be textured so you can grip it even in cold or muddy conditions. Make sure the handle is ergonomic and relatively straight. Too often people purchase a knife with curves for their fingers only to find that their hand doesn’t fit. This can create hand fatigue which is a leading cause of knife injuries.

4.Knife Edge

The edge should be either straight or partially serrated. Serrations aren’t multi-functional enough to make them a viable option for a tactical knife.

Having a semi-serrated edge allows you to easily cut tough materials like rope. While the serrations are sharp after the straight edge has dulled, it will reduce the amount of cutting edge available.

If you want to buy tactical everyday carry knives online, make sure to read the specifications thoroughly before purchasing as well as the reviews. Customer reviews are one of the most valuable tools available for potential buyers, giving you a real idea of the product.


History of the Japanese Tanto Knife

The Tanto knife has its roots in Japanese history dating back to sometime between 794 and 1185 AD. Throughout time, the Tanto knife has kept its original design as a short sword that is best used for slashing and stabbing, tho-ugh the style and structure have changed.

The blade is usually between six and twelve inches long and it can be either a single-edged knife or a double-edged knife. There are a variety of types of Tanto knives on the market today, including the Reverse Tanto knife.

Japanese Tanto Knife

Early History

The Tanto knife originated during the Heian period, which was a time when the warrior class had great power. The warriors of this time were known as the samurai warriors, whose main weapon was the katana, also known as the samurai sword. They carried the Tanto knife as a last resort for defending themselves against attackers.

Women also carried Tanto knives, but a smaller version of it that was called a kaiken. It is believed that women carried these knives in order to avoid any dishonor, such as rape, by using it to kill themselves.

These early Tanto knives were practical, not made to look nice, and were usually smaller than the Tanto knives of today. Over time, there was a rise in artisans of Tanto knives who created beautiful designs, making both the hilt and the blade a work of art.

The Warring States Period

The 15th century brought social unrest and intense military conflict, leading to the Warring States Period. Tanto knives were mass produced to meet demand, limiting the design of the knife and instead just replicating old designs. During this time, the blade was narrower so that there was more material available for mass production of the blades.

Time of Peace and Decline of the Tanto Knife

By the 18th century, the military conflict had begun to dissipate. This meant that weapons were not in as high demand as they were before, so Tanto knives were not produced as much. The Tanto knives that were in production were just copies of earlier designs.

The Tanto Knife of Today

Before World War II, production of Tanto knives surged as demand went up. People wanted the extra self-protection they could have with wearing a Tanto knife. There are many knives out there still from this time. A steady production of these knives continues to this day.

Today the Tanto knife is used in martial arts, specifically tantojutsu. Different versions of the Tanto knife are used in other types of martial arts, including jujitsu, Aiki Jutsu and aikido.

There are stores all over that you can buy one of these great knives at. You can find different kinds of styles, such as the reverse Tanto knife, for sale online. Buying yourself a high-quality Tanto knife or reverse Tanto knife can be a great tool for self-protection.

Robot Palletizing Systems

Automated Storage and Streamlining Your Warehouse

Technology keeps changing and gone are the days when warehouses wouldn’t operate without human labor. Today, you will find several automated storage systems for sale in Michigan. The options are endless starting with ASRS (Automated storage and retrieval systems), to stacker cranes. ASRS, for example, are material handling machines that are controlled via computers. They help streamline depositing and retrieving items from defined storage locations. Stacker cranes, on the other hand, enable layered-pallet inventory.

Automated storage systems can be more expensive to install, but they have several advantages. For example, the storage management software integrated into these systems ensures that no product gets lost within the warehouse or expires before retrieval. For instance, flour and most wheat products can go stale after some period. Therefore, such products get adequate attention, and they follow the “first in first out” rule in the warehouse.

The other advantages include:

Effective warehouse management: with an automated system in place, you worry less about unexpected errors associated with human staff. The system provides you with accurate product information regarding its position, storage date, and retrieval time. This gives you ample time as a manager to efficiently oversee operations.

Increased productivity: Automated storage systems make it faster for your staff to store and retrieve products. For instance, they can handle multiple numbers of cargos at ago. Time and effort involved in moving around are put to better use in activities such as marketing, customer service, and acquiring new customers.

Fast turnaround time: Your warehouse will serve customers on time with automation.

Economizes storage space: The systems have inbuilt software and corresponding hardware that store your goods using the minimal space available. Consequently, they maximize the number of goods stored without confusion. This will eventually have a positive impact on your return on investment.

Fewer losses: With an automated system, delicate products such as rolls that can be easily damaged if handled mechanically are better-taken care of, thus preventing potential losses.

Reduced running costs: Because of its efficiency, automated storage systems allow more activities to be carried out using lesser time and minimal human labor. In other words, you can spend the cash meant for salaries and expenditures on other beneficial courses and income-generating activities.

Better resource allocation: Once your warehouse is running smoothly, you can be able to allocate your best staff, tools, and equipment, to the most profitable activities and projects inside your warehouse.


Automated storage systems help streamline your warehouse. Activities get done accurately, effectively, and on time. Moreover, you save money when you reduce your warehouse staff.

Review the automated storage systems for sale in Michigan and transform your warehouse from a lousy outfit to a top performing unit.


Types of Tactical Weapons Available to the Public

Types of Tactical Weapons

Tactical guns usually include submachine guns, assault rifles, breaching shotguns, riot control agents, and sniper rifles. Initially, these guns were used by tactical law enforcement agencies only but are now available to the larger public as well. They can be easily found at any tactical gun store for purchase.

Tactical Pistols

Semi-automatic pistols are the most popular tactical sidearms. There are many models on the market, but the top best ones include the Sig Sauer series, Beretta 92 series, Glock pistols, H&K USP series, and the 5.7x28mm FN Five-Seven P90. These brands have earned their reputation by being extremely reliable, accurate, and durable.

Tactical Shotguns and Carbines

There is also, of course, a series of tactical shotguns that have earned very high ratings. Two of them are from Benelli, the M1 and the M1014. Other popular models include the Remington 870 and 1100, Mossberg 500 and 590. Carbines include Colt CAR-15 and M4, Heckler & Koch G36 and HK416.

The AR Rifle

While there are other tactical rifles out there, the AR reigns supreme.

But why is this gun so appealing?

The name AR stands for Armalite, the company that created the rifles back in the 1950s. But over time it has come to refer generally to all civilian versions of the design, regardless of who the manufacturer is. Because of its versatility and innovations, the AR (adopted by the military as the M16) has been the longest serving rifle in America’s history.

The AR design was very innovative compared to other popular guns of the day, combining advanced aluminum alloy forgings and synthetic materials. It had a two-piece receiver which allowed users to easily swap and change upper assemblies of various chamberings and configurations. The rifle featured a two-piece stock design. Thanks to this, it was easy for users to add different stocks and fore-end systems.

Over the decades, manufacturers have made many modifications to the original design. They added larger chamberings, new operating systems, and optics and accessories. AR rifles have been used by civilians for all types of shooting activities, especially hunting.

They are highly capable hunting guns, just like they are great military weapons. ARs are precise and accurate. Many of them show sub-MOA accuracy right out of the box. Some of them have such great accuracy that they can rival custom target rifles.

Tactical guns are currently being used both by the military and by the civilian public. Buying one is not an easy task, as it depends mostly on what they are going to be used for, and how much experience the shooter has.

To find the right model and make the best-informed purchase, you should visit a tactical gun store.

Mastectomy Exercises Bra

What Are the Best Post-Mastectomy Exercises?

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Opting for a mastectomy is a brave and noble choice, but now that the operation is over, you may be wondering what the best exercises are for strength and recovery.  

According to the American Cancer Society, exercise is a great way to restore movement to the shoulder and chest along with decreasing the side effects of surgery.

We did some research and found the top post-mastectomy exercises that are safe and restorative to help you in the next phase of your health journey.

Take note that you should never begin a new workout without first consulting your doctor.


Swimming is an excellent choice for just about anyone post-surgery. The anti-gravity effect of the water helps to diminish any aggravation of a new workout routine. It’s gentle on the body and can even help reduce the risk of lymphedema.

Altogether, swimming can be a great way to ease back into a workout routine. It even helps to reduce the swelling and lack of movement you may feel in your upper arm and shoulder.

One concern you may have is finding the right mastectomy swimwear. Today, there are many options for you when it comes to finding a swimsuit to help you feel comfortable. Nowadays, you can even buy post-mastectomy swimwear online.


While you are regaining your upper body strength, cycling can be a great way to burn calories and get your heartbeat racing. Much of this workout requires you to use your lower body strength. This workout is a beautiful option for the days your upper body may need a rest.


Yoga is a gentle and strength building exercise that allows you to determine what your body is capable of handling. It helps with flexibility and building muscle strength in areas where a lot of other activities don’t target.

One suggestion when beginning a yoga program is to connect with the instructor first. Letting them know that you are post-surgery and ask for any suggestions on modifications to some poses. With yoga, you are ultimately in charge of what you decide to do. If your body isn’t comfortable in a position, you get to choose how far and to what extent you enter and hold a yoga pose.

Personal Training

Finally, finding the right personal trainer is a great option for post mastectomy patients who want to start exercising again. Personal trainers are certified in health, body, and nutrition and would be able to help craft a specific plan for you based on your needs and abilities.

There are even some personal trainers that have experience with training and helping women post-mastectomy. They may know which muscles are weakest and the areas to avoid as you begin rebuilding your strength.

Altogether, choosing to exercise post-mastectomy has many benefits. It can help you rebuild strength and find the confidence to go forward. There are many options available to you but be sure to see what is comfortable and the right choice for you!

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Why Schedule Sewer Camera Video Inspection Services in Baltimore, MD?

Video cameras are the most helpful equipment in the plumbing industry. They are always used to get a good inspection of sewer lines. Without this innovative tool, it can be hard to diagnose the problem that you are having with your sewer line. Sewer camera video inspections can also see other sewer line pipes that are under your home’s foundation. In order to repair a sewer line, you must use a sewer camera so you can get a better picture of the issue. In Baltimore MD, many of the technicians have this valuable tool so they can help repair your sewer lines. Why Schedule Sewer Camera Video Inspection Services in Baltimore, MD?

Drain Cleaning Service

How to Choose a Drain Cleaning Company in Porter Ranch, CA?

There are many available options when you are searching for a drain cleaning service in Porter Ranch, CA. A decade ago you may have just called a company based on a recommendation from a neighbor or simply chosen the first company that was listed in your big yellow phone book. Now, on the other hand, House Cleaning Services many people make full use of the power of the Internet when making their home service choices.

Pipe Bursting Over Epoxy Pipe Lining
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Benefits of Pipe Bursting Over Epoxy Pipe Lining Techniques

Do you want to know the advantages of Pipe bursting over epoxy pipe lining techniques? Pipe bursting or pipe splitting and epoxy pipe lining or Cast In Place Piping CIPP are the two leading technologies when it comes to underground plumbing since the 1980s. They enable professional plumbers to repair your damaged water or sewer lines. That’s without removing old pipes by digging trenches.