Retainers for Teeth – Why Wear Them and How to Look After Them Well

Retainers for teeth, in simple terms, are devices which keep straight teeth in their positions. Usually, they are used after braces have been removed. They are the last phase of orthodontics measures when teeth placement correction has to be done. At times, children have erratically placed teeth. And these moves are a part of how to best re-arrange them so that one can have a nice, wearable smile.

After the braces have been removed, there is a good chance that the teeth can shift back to their original positioning – i.e. when again they begin looking all erratic and mis-arranged. Here come in the retainers. At times they are to be worn overnight and sometimes during the day as well. They enable teeth to remain in their new, straightened positions. It is true that straighter teeth are easier to maintain and to clean up than erratic teeth. Also, there are fewer chances of plague build up in teeth which are straight. In addition, there is a less chance of cavities happening when teeth are properly arranged.

However, what is not known are the other pros of using retainers. For one, they can even help out in situations when the child is having certain speech problems. Retainers help out in improving tongue placements. This will help children form sounds in a proper fashion. Also, straight teeth enable children to chew their food properly. Proper chewing helps in easier food digestion. Oral health is better maintained in such events. And this, can help in avoiding blood related effects of diabetes.

Retainers are also known to ease out or make the breathing process in children become more uniform. There is a variety of retainers which also aid in bettering instances of snoring or uneven breathing during the night.

Retainers have to be taken good care of. Do make it a point to keep them as clean as possible. Anything that is in your mouth should be sparkling clean. Otherwise, the wearer will not feel comfortable or healthy.

Also, make sure that they are a good fit. Sometimes, if the fit is not totally correct, they tend to come off easily and get lost. For loss prevention, try to have a bright coloured box for the retainers. This is a lot simpler to spot and to remember to pick up before going anywhere. Fix a place for keeping the retainer box and stick to it. This will increase the chances of you placing it there only all the time, thereby, lessening the frequency of the retainers getting lost. Give the child a chance to get used to wearing retainers. Since they may or may not be totally comfortable, give the whole process some time.

One can even write down a short note with the name, address and mobile number of the child and his or her parents and keep it in the retainer box. There is a chance that a good Samaritan, if and when finds the lost retainer box, will have it returned to the owner.

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