Benefits of Pipe Bursting Over Epoxy Pipe Lining Techniques

Pipe Bursting Over Epoxy Pipe Lining

Do you want to know the advantages of Pipe bursting over epoxy pipe lining techniques? Pipe bursting or pipe splitting and epoxy pipe lining or Cast In Place Piping CIPP are the two leading technologies when it comes to underground plumbing since the 1980s. They enable professional plumbers to repair your damaged water or sewer lines. That’s without removing old pipes by digging trenches.

They also enable plumbing contractors to preserve your beautiful landscape. Keep in mind that you spent a lot of money to put up that landscape. However, these two processes achieve their aims using different operations. This guide looks at the differences between them and 7 benefits of pipe bursting over epoxy pipe lining techniques.

• What Is Pipe Bursting?

The pipe bursting process works by inserting specialized equipment through existing pipes. That leads to its expansion, causing it to break, which also causes the surrounding soil to expand. You or your plumbers then pull the replacement pipe through. To do this, you need to dig an insertion pit, from where you will insert the new one.

• What Is Epoxy Pipe Lining?

Epoxy pipe lining works by fabricating your plumbing materials on site. You or the plumber will then run resin soaked lines through the damaged pipelines. This two part epoxy cures in place. It creates a structural bond with the existing pipe material.

That means the new pipe has to be less in size that the original one. It also means you have to make sure the new pipe goes through the entire existing pipeline. That means a lot of labor is required, for example, where roots of trees have pressed against the old pipe system.

7 Benefits of Benefits of Pipe Bursting Over Epoxy Pipe Lining Techniques

• Safe

One advantage of pipe bursting is that it’s safe compared to epoxy pipe lining. That’s because you won’t have to come into contact with Asbestos or Mold regularly. Pipe bursting doesn’t require you to dig much ground.

• Cost Effective

Another benefit of pipe busting is that it’s cost effective. That’s because if you opt for epoxy pipe lining, you’ll need a particular machine, you also need to clean up, for example, the resin and also get to repair the damaged landscape. That’s because you need to check where the narrower pipe gets stuck.

• Higher Productivity

Another advantage of pipe bursting over the epoxy pipe lining techniques is its high productivity levels. You don’t waste time checking where the new pipe has gotten stuck. All you need is to press the special equipment that leads to the old pipe bursting.

• Increase in the Pipes Flow Capacity

You also get an increase in your water pipes flow capacity. That’s because you will be inserting a bigger or similar one. If its epoxy pipe lining, you will have to settle for a decrease in the flow of water. That’s because it requires you to insert a smaller pipe.

• Guarantee

Most plumbing contractors who use pipe busting technology will also offer you lifetime guarantees. That’s because they use high quality and seamless pipe types. They eliminate possibilities of root intrusions and also gapped joints. Keep in mind that epoxy pipe lining techniques have to use these parts.

• Reduction in Trench Settlement

Pipe bursting techniques also have fewer trench settlements. That’s because your contractors will use similar size pipes in your landscape. Compared to epoxy pipe lining that uses a small piping, this is an efficient technology to use.

• Technological Innovation

Pipe bursting techniques are also always undergoing developments in technology. That means it a better technology to consider rather the epoxy, which needs you to reduce your water flow capabilities.


Choosing pipe bursting over epoxy pipe lining techniques should be easier using the above guide. Check your budget estimates and contact your local professional plumbers for written estimates.

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