5 Things to Know About Water Leak Repair in Bakersfield, CA.

Water Leak Repair

When a person has a water leak they need to call a repair service right away. Water can do extensive damage to a home and this is a serious issue that needs to be taken care of. There are 5 things to know about Water leak repair in Bakersfield, CA.

1. Check Water Pressure

To determine if there is a leak in the home a person should check the water pressure. The water pressure of the home should be around 80 psi. If the psi level is above 90 there is a problem. To check for a leak turn all the main water supply to the home. This includes all small appliances. Check the water meter and record the reading. Allow 15 minutes to pass and check the reading again. If the meter recorded water use at this time there is a leak somewhere. Not all leaks are easy to detect especially if there are in a wall.

2. Change the Shutoff Valves

Shutoff valves need to be checked regularly and replaced with the first sign of wear. Old valves will show a decrease in performance as time goes on. To fix this issue quarter turn ball valves should be used. These valves do not contain a rubber seal that can become warn and a person can install them themselves.

3. Replace Gaskets

Instead of blowing the gasket it is better to replace it. This is especially true for leaky faucets. The washer inside of it can be worn out or defective. If the values to the water are in an isolated area it can be a quick fix. Be sure to shut off the water supply and take out the washer. A new one is then installed and the device is put back together.

4. Check the Wall

If the pipes are leaking the leak is often located on the back end of the pipe. In many cases the leak can be found at the location that the pipe connects to the wall. In some cases a person can turn the pipe with their hands to make it tighter. If the pipe was knocked loose this may work. A wrench can also be used to tighten the pipe. If the pipe continues to leak then the drain area may have to be taken apart and a pipe may have to be replaced.

5. Water Heater Problems

If a water heater is leaking it is often no good. A person can call the manufacturer or a professional to try to repair it. When this heater leaks it can erode the lining inside and water will get into the base of the unit. In order to ensure the leak stops it is recommended installing a new water heater. Put a pan under the new heater to catch some water and to help keep it level.

These are five things to be aware of when dealing with leaking pipes. The earlier a person is able to catch the problem the better the chance they have of fixing it without spending a lot of money on the repairs.

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