Types of Tactical Weapons Available to the Public

Types of Tactical Weapons

Types of Tactical Weapons

Tactical guns usually include submachine guns, assault rifles, breaching shotguns, riot control agents, and sniper rifles. Initially, these guns were used by tactical law enforcement agencies only but are now available to the larger public as well. They can be easily found at any tactical gun store for purchase.

Tactical Pistols

Semi-automatic pistols are the most popular tactical sidearms. There are many models on the market, but the top best ones include the Sig Sauer series, Beretta 92 series, Glock pistols, H&K USP series, and the 5.7x28mm FN Five-Seven P90. These brands have earned their reputation by being extremely reliable, accurate, and durable.

Tactical Shotguns and Carbines

There is also, of course, a series of tactical shotguns that have earned very high ratings. Two of them are from Benelli, the M1 and the M1014. Other popular models include the Remington 870 and 1100, Mossberg 500 and 590. Carbines include Colt CAR-15 and M4, Heckler & Koch G36 and HK416.

The AR Rifle

While there are other tactical rifles out there, the AR reigns supreme.

But why is this gun so appealing?

The name AR stands for Armalite, the company that created the rifles back in the 1950s. But over time it has come to refer generally to all civilian versions of the design, regardless of who the manufacturer is. Because of its versatility and innovations, the AR (adopted by the military as the M16) has been the longest serving rifle in America’s history.

The AR design was very innovative compared to other popular guns of the day, combining advanced aluminum alloy forgings and synthetic materials. It had a two-piece receiver which allowed users to easily swap and change upper assemblies of various chamberings and configurations. The rifle featured a two-piece stock design. Thanks to this, it was easy for users to add different stocks and fore-end systems.

Over the decades, manufacturers have made many modifications to the original design. They added larger chamberings, new operating systems, and optics and accessories. AR rifles have been used by civilians for all types of shooting activities, especially hunting.

They are highly capable hunting guns, just like they are great military weapons. ARs are precise and accurate. Many of them show sub-MOA accuracy right out of the box. Some of them have such great accuracy that they can rival custom target rifles.

Tactical guns are currently being used both by the military and by the civilian public. Buying one is not an easy task, as it depends mostly on what they are going to be used for, and how much experience the shooter has.

To find the right model and make the best-informed purchase, you should visit a tactical gun store.

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